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Every book leaves a trail on earth. Booktrail helps them to make their stops.

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What is Booktrail?

Digital readers are all over the world now. But most passionate readers still can't live without the smell or the touch of a real paper book. The fact is, that books are not cheap. Well, then, if you have dozens of books you have already read, why not help the community?
Booktrail is a portal for the bookworms to share the books they own with each other. As simple as that :)

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The Global Hackathon

Have you ever heard of hackathons? If not, it's an event for creative people to design, build and deliver awesome products in a short period of time. There is world-wide online hackaton happening now that is organized by Product Hunt.
Booktrail is one of the products being created during this awesome hackathon!

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